All-Natural Homemade Honey Almond Oats Lye Soap By Shehadeh - 2 Bars/2 Sizes

All-Natural Homemade Honey Almond Oats Lye Soap By Shehadeh - 2 Bars/2 Sizes

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ALL-NATURAL HOMEMADE HONEY ALMOND OATS LYE SOAP BY SHEHADEH is one of the best organic soaps available!  This heavenly soap is unscented and lathers up rich and thick, which means it will last for a while.  Once you've bathed with our soap, you will never go back to traditional soap again, guaranteed.  This blend of natural ingredients, honey, almonds and oats, will leave your skin soft and supple for days.  This soap will amaze you and once you've tried it, you'll definitely want more.  That's why we've made our soap affordable for anyone that wants to buy.  Your order will include 1 Regular Size Bar (5oz) and 1 Travel Size Bar (3oz).  So, don't miss out!  ALSO, WE OFFER BULK ORDERS UPON REQUEST, NO WAITING, (shipping will apply).  NO RETURNS.




Did you know that most commercial soaps and body washes are not really soap at all! They are made of cheap, harsh detergents such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate that strip your skin of its natural moisture barrier creating an imbalance that causes dry, itchy & irritated skin.

beautiful handmade soap, lye soapHandmade soap is real soap in a pure and natural form. When fats, water and lye are combined they undergo a chemical reaction referred to as saponification. The by-products of the saponification reaction are glycerin and soap - absolutely no lye is left in the soap. The qualities of the soap - such as how hard the bar soap is and what kind of lather it makes - are determined by the type of oils used and how long it cures for before use.

Natural handmade soap is very mild and will cleanse your skin without drying it out. Most soap makers superfat their soap batches, which means extra oils are added that are not saponified during the soap making process. Not only does this add superior moisturizing and emollient qualities to the soap, but it also prevents any excess lye from remaining in the soap.  Most people don't have to use a moisturizer after showering with a natural bar of soap as the skin is cleansed naturally, not stripped by use of a chemical detergent.

Nowadays we have fancy lye calculators that are used to determine the amount of lye that is required based on the different oil profiles being used. Years ago they did not have this luxury so the soap was often cured for long periods of time which was thought to produce a more mild soap bar. Really, the saponification process is complete after about 48 hours. The soap may become slightly more mild with time, but not much.

The real purpose of curing soap is to evaporate the remaining water content which will create a hard bar of soap. A hard bar of soap will last longer and have a better lather and for this it is approximately 4-6 weeks depending on the amount of water used.

Modern soap makers have turned the regular bar of soap into a work of art.  There are so many beautiful handmade soap bars that create herbal soaps, vegetable soaps, essential oil soaps and the list goes on and on.  I invite you to replace your chemical laden body wash with a beautiful natural soap bar and see the difference it makes!